Friday, March 11, 2016

Marco Rubio on climate change: "it's always changing"

There isn't a single Canadian politician with the moxie to be this honest about climate change:

Bravo, Marco!

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton says she won't move to Canada when Trump wins the White House.  Of course not, she'll be in jail!


Anonymous said...

You and Rubio conflate weather with climate.

JR said...

You and the all the other hysterics conflate climate change with everything.

Alain said...

Rubio was bang on. I am not sure why he chose not to dispute the claim of a consensus of scientists, but he covered the most important fact. The fact is that no law and no tax or regulation can stop or prevent any natural climate change. The focus should be on reducing and even eliminating pollution, which is a tangible goal.

BTW there was no confusing weather with climate as anonymous claims, and the funny thing is that it is actually the alarmists who do that. They even attribute traditional Islamic jihad to "climate change".

Martin said...

Sadly you are probably correct about a Canadian politician answering as Rubio did, especially after last week's Ont PC convention. I think even UN sources now admit there has been no perceptible warming since 1998, but are quick to assure us it is only a hiatus. Some of the same sources subtlety switched the description from global warming to Climate Change about the same time. However poorly measured, earth's temperature can be estimated to some extent, climate change can only be "felt" or described there is no objective measurement.
Rubio is absolutely right about China, India and others,and if Republicans prevail US may be included on that list. Canada faces the stark probability of spending 100s of $ millions trying to control climate, while neighbours and competitors ignore it.

A really brave politician might declare victory in global warming considering the post 1998 data and move on to other environmental perils. (See Milton conservative here, for an explanation of hottest year on record vs no warming since 1998)
I would not look for such a politician in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Made my day when Rubio nailed it like that!!! Especially the idea of passing a law to change the weather!

IMHO, it's a damn crying shame that this man isn't leading in the GOP primaries. He's the closest thing to the next incarnation of Reagan in American politics this day, and is far and away the right man for POTUS at a time when the nation (and the world) desperately needs just this kind of inspirational leadership.

I can't even begin to fathom why any of the four combined front runners are even remotely considered worthy contenders. Boggles the mind!

Al in Cranbrook

Frances said...

Marco is right: climate change has happened, is happening, and will happen in the future. Were it not so, all Calgary would be trying to function under 2 km of ice. Climate change is a fact, not a belief; those who would make it the latter are also making gaia-worship the in new faith.

Anonymous said...


You just cannot make up unowhat like this!

When the government begins involving itself in shutting down opponents to its policies and political agenda by means of its own law enforcement agencies...

We have arrived at what 20th century history teaches us are very dangerous times.

Al in Cranbrook

Anonymous said...

Liberals peddling the idea that the climate should be static is hilarious.

Martin said...

My image of politicians legislating climate, is Kathleen Wynne standing in an April blizzard shaking her fist screeching:

"I taxed Ont into submission and bankrupted the treasury, Why are you doing this to me"?

dmorris said...

I've followed the "global warming" crisis since it was catastrophic global cooling,back in the early 1970's.That agenda failed as the powers that be couldn't whip up enough hysteria to gain any traction. That's probably because the Greatest Generation were still in charge,and they weren't about to get all weak-kneed over a hypothesis after surviving the Great depression,World War 2, and the Korean war.

But times and people have changed,and the dumbing down of our education system to accommodate various factions has worked beautifully,no need to think critically of any theory, just follow the leader like a good little sheep. It's funny that Al Gore is now the world leader on this sophistic cause, a phony who would have been laughed at fifty years ago is now a demigod in the eyes of the credulous.

With the advent of computers,it was inevitable that someone,somewhere, would make up a computer model showing catastrophic something,and this time the computer geek chose global warming as the end goal, and the fools swallowed it hook,line,and sinker.

I enjoy watching AGW acolytes twist themselves in knots to accommodate their religion,they're as bad as the religious who when faced with something they cannot explain claim, "the Lord works in mysterious ways".

Climate change/weather, depending on whether it fits their agenda for the day.

Today it's plus 8 here, warmest day on record was in 1910, plus 14 degrees, coldest day on record was in 1917, minus 16. Should I panic,or remain calm?

We're ants on a giant globe,and we don't have any effect on the climate,the Sun takes care of that. Pollution is another matter and has to be addressed,but the current campaign to transfer wealth from first world to third world Countries via the UN and Al Gore's carbon credits exchange does absolutely nothing to alleviate air or water pollution. It sure as hell won't alleviate a fantasy called "climate change" unless someone else takes control of the computer modelling and decides to lead the sheep in a more profitable direction.

Anonymous said...

WhaaaHAHAAA, turns out sea levels swings has 5 times more to do with the Sun, then what they say is caused by global warming.
A new NASA study explains how.

Skip to 2:05, or enjoy the whole video:

So global warming alarmist can give it a rest over sea levels. And pretty much everything else they keep getting wrong.