Friday, March 18, 2016

Oil evil, oil-burning Quebec-made airplanes "fabulous"

Rex Murphy: "Bombardier gets lots of love from Ottawa, while the fuel powering its planes gets vilified"

To call this a policy inconsistency is to overtax understatement. It is logically irreconcilable. Should Bombardier find swift favour with the new Liberal government, there will be far more at stake than the writing of the cheque.


Alain said...

Actually oil isn't limited to fuelling the planes, as many other components are made from oil derivatives. Furthermore, the production of steel and other metals is dependent on fuel fuels. This is the same as the moonbats who oppose all logging of any kind while living in wood houses. Quebec remains one of the biggest polluters with the dumping of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River, so Quebec has no credibility in accusing others of pollution or the destruction of the environment.

Anonymous said...

"Quebec remains one of the biggest polluters with the dumping of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence River ..."
OK, let's not get carried away here. While I agree with the basic topic presented here, i.e. the inconsistency of damning fossil fuels while at the same time propmoting heavy users of same, it is completely inaccurate of you, Alain, to accuse Quebec of being "one of the biggest polluters" on the basis of an occasional raw sewage dump. You make it sound like it's a daily occurrence, which that now infamous dump was not. It was a necessity in order to carry out needed maintenance. Other cities apparently do the same thing to keep their water filtration and sewage treatment systems in fuctioning order.

Misrepresenting information does nothing to advance your argument. Using that tactic of overblown rhetoric belongs with the hyperventilating crowd bent on saving the planet by shutting down our resource industries, not with a reasonable critique of their incoherent position.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

Two typos: "promoting" not propmoting & "functioning" not fuctioning.

Anonymous said...

I agree except everyone forgets the bailout of Ontario's auto industry. Quebec prides itself on being green but subsidizes through government organized cheap electricity contracts aluminum companies that pollute the St. Lawrence River and its whales.

Martin said...

"Considering the role of jets in ferrying tens of thousands of climate activists on their pilgrimages to the capitals of the world, for their annual prayer-fests to Gaia, maybe this is not surprising."

This is not the only example of hypocrisy with the enviro-fanatic set with regard to airplanes. In the Great Leap manifesto Naomi Klein waxes enthusiastically about non-diesel powered trains, trucks and vehicles, presumably powered by wind generated electricity. Even she does not suggest electric planes, she is completely silent regarding air transport. Could it be that she sees air travel in the non-carbon utopia as necessary for people like her, NGOs and other government officials?
Like Orwell said, Some animals are more equal than others.

fernstalbert said...

Quebec should shutdown all existing pipelines in the province. Then their opposition to oil/gas would be believable. This is a ploy to wring maximum dollars (I call it ransom) from the ROC - in particular The West.