Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gender politics infecting private schools

Christie Blatchford: B.C. teacher fired for having the wrong opinion
A teacher at a posh private school in British Columbia was fired last month after making an innocuous comment about abortion to his Grade 12 law class.
Though there is no way of knowing, since discipline matters are shrouded in secrecy, it may be the first time a Canadian teacher has been fired not amid allegations of impropriety, but for having the wrong opinion.
... Before classes even started last fall, teachers underwent serious “gender training” given by QMUNITY, an organization for LGBTQQ2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning and two-spirit) people. Teachers were told in no uncertain terms, for instance, that “no one is 100-per-cent male or female” and that everyone is somewhere on the “gender spectrum.”
... Unsurprisingly, students at the school, where $30,000-a-year tuition buys small classes, regularly say “I’m so triggered” and are allowed to walk out of class. 
... What happened to the teacher over the ensuing few days sounds like something out of the Cultural Revolution in Mao’s China, where people were subjected to what were known as ideological struggle sessions, forced to “confess” to various imagined sins before large crowds, and roundly denounced.  
... Postmedia is not identifying the school at the teacher’s request. “They torched me,” he said, “but I’m reluctant to damage the brand … So many kids who would otherwise fall through the cracks … are valued and helped here,” he said.
That teacher should be encouraged to name names.  The school and it's administrators need to be identified, named and shamed. This idiocy needs to be put down. The student who complained sounds like she suffers a mental illness - an illness likely contracted in her Queer studies classes. Given that the school is in Vancouver it is highly possible that much of the gender identity nonsense originates with the likes of Dr. Mary Bryson, the radically queer UBC "gender studies" professor who Christie wrote about in connection with Jordan Peterson's troubles .

And, as it stands, if anyone needs a "safe space" in that school, it's the regular teachers. They need protection from sick students and their enabling administrators.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............we embrace perversion and abortion. we celebrate fraud and deceit. we do not want free speech unless it follows the liberal socialist dogma. Canada will not survive this constant onslaught of idiocy.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says............imagine the level of stupid required to believe that there is more than two genders.

Anonymous said...

Your comment is right on the money. That school is normalizing neuroses while ostracizing normalcy. At 30,000 a pop one would think that the school should be correcting these kids' neuroses rather than pandering to them.

JR said...

Somehow I expected better from private schools. But, when you think about it there are probably many more over-educated (idiot) progressives among the wealthy than any other group.