Sunday, December 11, 2016

The "muddled, mindless mess" of the Liberals' electoral reform survey

Rex Murphy:


Anonymous said...

The "election" of the nit-wit Justine illustrates Canada's continuing decline as a serious nation, running full steam ahead into an idiocracy, a sort of Trudopian prison, or better yet, asylum. The idiocracy is here to stay, that was assured the day Trudeau Sr. was elected and proceeded to remake the country in his own warped image... the "election" of the idiot son serves to confirm the strength of the idiocracy created by Peeair continues, like a turd that won't flush... or a stink you can't rid of... the good news about living in an idiocracy is that at some point the idiocracy will economically collapse under its own idiocy... you know, "the budget will balance itself", that kind of idiocy. Canada could've been something great, Canada was something great, until Peeair... I look forward to its ultimate collapse.

JR said...