Saturday, December 10, 2016

Private school gender politics, Part II - Names are named

Christie Blatchford: Posh Vancouver school places staff under gag order after teacher fired
Fraser Academy, the expensive Vancouver private school where last month a teacher was fired after making allegedly “triggering” remarks to a Grade 12 law class, has put its staff under a gag order.
Maureen Steltman, the school head, told Postmedia in a brief emailed statement the school “does not comment on personnel issues, even when we take issue with public inaccuracies.”  ...
Christie documents a history of similar abuses by this tyrannical school head-mistress, closing with:
... As for the teacher who was dismissed last month, he received a notice this week from the Teacher Regulation Branch, telling him the Fraser Academy has “provided a report about your conduct.”  He is so crushed and distraught, he said, he may voluntarily surrender his teaching certificate.
Nice! I hope that teacher can summon the nerve (and cash) to take Fraser Academy to court for wrongful dismissal and publicly expose their insanity.   If he identified himself perhaps he could get some crowd funding from, say, The Rebel.  I'd be willing to chip in.  Or, (I hate to even suggest such a thing) failing that take the bastards to the BC Human Rights Tribunal (no cost for complainants) - on second thought, those 'social justice' morons would likely side with the school.

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