Sunday, March 23, 2008

CBC’s lamebrain ‘reality’-TV

CBC’s reality-TV competition, "Canada's Next Great Prime Minister", has been advertised all week and today it’s covered by two newspaper articles.

Rick Mercer is host and the panel of judges consists of three former prime ministerial losers John Turner, Kim Campbell and Paul Martin plus Premier Danny ‘Bigmouth’ Williams.

Only the CBC and its audience of twelve could think this lame idea wasn’t a giant waste of taxpayers’ money.


bfairey said...

I propose Don Newman.

B. said...

don cherry?

Anonymous said...

CBC's criteria for a great prime minister: enviro nutter; radical feminist; conservative policy critic without any policy of his/her own; anti-religious; and an advocate of BIG BIG government(ie more CBC funding).

Whatever way it turns out, there wont be a bona fide conservative in the bunch because CBC doesn't allow conservatives to speak with that voice on taxpayer funded airwaves.

There will likely be one who claims to be conservative, but they will have an essentially liberal platform.

It is yet another means to manipulate how Canadian have to think politically and vote by fabricating phony candidates. CBC says: "Be like one of these guys and we will support you!"

Vote CBC off the island.

BBS said...

Actually, a conservative has won the last two years since they moved to the TV format. Last year's winner, Joseph Lavoie is a BT blogger.

JR said...

Point taken bbs, and no disrespect for a good BT intended, but it's still a lamebrain idea. Nearly all 'reality' TV is mind-numbingly dopey, but this has to top the scale on the lamo-meter.

Anonymous said...

Big mouth Williams fights for his people as a prime minister is supposed to do in this country but the rest DON'T DO! But back to the program, I'm betting that the idea of the program is to get Canadians used to the idea that an immigrant will soon be PM. (real conservative)

JR said...

Real conservative, Williams "fights for his people" by being an abusive, ranting, tantrum throwing, big-mouthed idiot. Not my idea of what a leader is "supposed to do". Though one can't deny that the Newfoundlanders seem to like his 'tactics'.

So I don't much value his "judgement" of who our next PM should be, assuming that a goofy CBC TV show has any bearing on it in the first place.