Sunday, March 16, 2008

The “anti-war” radical left are commies

Mike Brock has some very interesting insights into the supposedly "anti-war" radical leftists who are behind most protest rallies:

Yesterday, Jack Layton took to the streets of Toronto ... a protest organized by the far-left, radical Toronto Coalition to Stop the War.

I've had some face-to-face conversations with the organizers of the TCSW, last year, when I went to a conference called Marxism 2007: A Festival of Resistance on the University of Toronto campus.

I spoke to quite a few individuals there, and most of my conversations are still recorded on minidisc, as the purpose of my trip was material for my show. So I can tell people, first hand, that the main people behind are principally communists.

...these people are so far to the left, in their support with the Communist Party of Canada, and the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), that they see the NDP as only a lesser-evil at best.

...are not necessarily against militarism. No, they are against militarism in the form of liberal hegemony. And by liberal, they mean capitalist. They have no problem with organizations like the FARC, or other communist paramilitaries.

Remember, communists are anti-liberal. Not anti-war.

I'm also pointing this out to show the kind of company that Jack Layton, Linda McQuaig, Judy Rebick, and others keep. They stand side-by-side at rallies.

I’ve long thought the anti-war crowd was closely linked to radical anti-liberal, anti-democratic organizations. Mike Brock’s first hand exposure to the people involved confirms and clarifies the situation. It’s a must read post.


Unknown said...

The leaders of the Canadian Peace Alliance have attended Islamofascist conferences in Cairo, as well as they celebrate the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution anually.

Anonymous said...

The only people likely to be surprised at this are the media.

Anonymous said...

BCF, The 'peace'niks certainly do keep nasty company. Their toxic ideology is no doubt a result of their indoctrination by the radical leftist, PoMo humanities professors at places like Ryerson.

Anon, You make a good point about the media's apparent ignorance of who's behind these anti-war rallies. Though J-schools are hot-beds of the same toxic idiocy that the commie peaceniks are exposed to - so there's also some possibility that they're not so much ignorant as complicit.