Sunday, March 2, 2008

William F. Buckley Jr

Here’s Mark Steyn’s tribute to the memory of William F. Buckley Jr, "a first-rate original, who founded the modern conservative movement half a century ago, and saw it through to victory in the 1980 presidential election and then to vindication in the collapse of Communism a decade later."

It’s a fine tribute and in it Steyn provides Mr. Buckley’s answer to the question at the end of my previous post - what can be done about "liberal fascism"?
Forty-nine years ago, he wrote, "We must bring down the thing called liberalism, which is powerful but decadent, and salvage a thing called conservatism, which is weak but viable." It is an unending struggle because, while the facts of life are conservative (as his friend Margaret Thatcher put it), liberalism is eternally seductive.
There’s no silver bullet - keep on truckin’.

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