Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chretien’s OM - a distinct flavour of hypocrisy

In today’s editorial the National Post ponders whether Jean Chrétien deserves his recent appointment by Queen Elizabeth to the Order of Merit, and makes this excellent point:
... perhaps one cannot quarrel too loudly with his appointment to the Order of Merit. But if one happened to be Lord Black of Crossharbour ... one might be sorely tempted to try. Hypocrisy played a large role in Mr. Chretien's particular genius, so should anyone be surprised that there is a certain distinct flavour of it haunting what may be the supreme moment of his life? Having lectured Lord Black and other Canadians on just how un-Canadian it is to accept distinctions from the fountain of honour, and having forced the man to choose between his citizenship and the House of Lords, Mr. Chretien now basks in the resounding knell of the gong to end all gongs. Let's not be afraid to roll our eyes just a little.
I’m looking forward to reading Conrad Black’s opinion on the matter.


Xanthippa said...

This is something that I find 'troubling':

Jean Chretien PERSONALLY prevented Conrad Black (with all his faults...) from receiving a knighthood from the Queen while he retained a Canadian citizenship. Do you remember that?

Jean Chretien forced Lord Black to renounce his Canadian order to be knighted!

Did not Jean Chretien claim that it is not legal (or moral) for a Canadian to accept a British title?

Of course, this was not that long after he told some school kids that he deeply regretted that the British won on the Plains of Abraham....

And now he accepts a title - from the same 'British Queen' himself???

How come the MSM are not screaming about the hypocrisy of this???

Anonymous said...

The award Chretien is getting is just that,,an award.

JR said...

True Xanthippa, the Post seems to be the only outlet bringing it up and they're only "rolling their eyes".

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