Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Withering Red Toryism

I don’t think about it much these days but "progressive" conservatism and "Red Toryism" have always struck me as oxymoronic. Those that call themselves "Red Tories" always seem quite sincerely fanatical about their devotion to their cause but I’ve never been able to quite figure out what "cause" that is.

Today Publius’ at The Shotgun enlightens us in a post entitled "Wither Red Toryism". I don’t know if that title was a spelling error or a wish that Red-Toryism would just wither and die.

Anyway, Publius refers to an article in the Toronto Star that waxes nostalgic for has-been dweeb Joe Clark, progressive conservatism and Red Toryism. Apparently having a Blue Tory right wing representing the Canadian right is just too much - a left/lib "right" is needed:

We are all the losers as a result of this victory of the Reform party, its metamorphosis into a new Conservative party, and the new rigidity of the right.

Oh, really?! This is, of course, just one more confirmation that lefties, for all their blathering about the joys of diversity, really detest the diversity of ideas.

Publius nicely sets the record straight and in closing identifies Red Toryism with the "... homelessness of Liberals in Tory clothing".


Michael Harkov said...

Liberals lament the decline of Red Tories because now they no longer have Uncle Tom "conservatives" to patronize and pat on the head while saying, "I know you mean well". Of COURSE they would pine after Joe Clark.

Why these "Tories" won't just be done with it and finally make that Liberal leap is utterly baffling. At least then they would be honest with themselves.

JR said...

Exactly. And didn't Joe C himself make that leap in a recent election?

Anonymous said...

I guess you call them Red Tories, because they are left of the party.... Social Conservatives.

Raphael Alexander said...

Whichever Tory you call the ones in office, read or blue, I'd prefer they acted like Tories, instead of acting like Grits.

Patsplace said...

They're acting very much like Tories and providing leadership that is the envy of the world.

It's only the disgruntled nanny-statists that worry that the teat that they've become accustomed to, might not come back, that do the complaining.

Then of course there are the Wolf-in-Sheeps-clothing types that offer suicidal political advice to a minority government and then express outrage when their advice isn't taken.

Leeky Sweek said...

Red "Tories" are nothing but Liberals...period.