Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kingston Mills "honour killings"?

Police have arrested three family members of the four victims found in a submerged car at the Kingston Mills lock.

The Kingston Whig Standard has the full story.

[via Blazing Catfur and CanCrime]


Halfwise said...

That is probably taboo even to hint at, at least for a TV journalist, but it is easy to leap to the conclusion here in the blogosphere.

The presence of the ex-wife makes it different from killing a rebellious daughter, and more like a generic domestic dispute, imho.

Halfwise said...

Wow, was I wrong. Even the CBC National allowed the Honour Killings phrase into its coverage and had Tarek Fatah among its interviewees. Where have I been?
(answer - not watching CBC much)

JR said...

Yup, everyone, even the CBC as you point out, is talking about this in terms of honour killing.

An article in today's Post gives six recent examples of possible honour killings of Canadian "daughters and sisters". The Kingston Mills case brings that to ten. And there's apparently another possible three in Gananoque. All girls or women and all from patriarchal cultures known treat females as chattels and to practice killing them for "honour".