Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cooling is natural, warming is only human

In yet another attempt to explain recent global cooling, NOAA sponsored research has concluded:

"The recent coolness was caused by transitory natural factors that temporarily masked the human-caused signal..."
Bwaahhahaha! Riiight! All cooling is natural and all warming is caused by humans. Another pearl of climate wisdom for the nitwits at Hopenhagen or as one guy puts it, "Jokenhagen". Good grief, don’t these clowns realize how idiotic they appear/are?


Anonymous said...

Canada’s Prime Minister must enthusiastically and ardently oppose any form of the fraud known as "Cap, Tax, & Transfer” system which will devastate the Canadian economy, our jobs, and our standard of living. Now that communism has been invalidated, “Climatism” is the new “ism” adopted by the extremists as their vehicle to increase taxes and transfer wealth similar to Trudeau’s National Energy Program. The job slaughtering "Cap, Tax & Transfer" scheme that left-plunging Harper and Prentice are about to inflict us with is a stealth strategy for an enormous, disingenuous long-term tax increase on all Canadian households. "Cap, Tax & Transfer" would evolve around an economic Ponzi scheme that includes an enormous new source of tax revenue to the Canadian government to allow it to continue to expand into the private sector, demolishing thousands of high paying manufacturing and service jobs, result in the transfer of world power to the emerging global governance, would be a devastating disasters for our children's standard of living, and a overwhelming transfer of wealth starting with the Climate Change Fund (CCF) which is being established to transfer $10 billion annually to the nations ( many corrupt, some communist) of the world who repudiate creating their own wealth.

This tax increasing and wealth transferring scam would immediately and massively increase the cost of goods and services such as gasoline, electricity and a wide range of industrial products. The increase in the price of Canadian goods would make them less competitive in world markets. Canadian firms would suffer in export markets and domestically in competition with goods imported from countries that do not impose such a high implicit tax on CO2 emissions resulting the massive manufacturing and service industry job losses.

The latest scientific evidence clearly illustrates that the climate has not changed in the last eleven years, and that the so-called “climate change” is a socialistic hoax to transfer wealth. Therefore, at this time our PM must not annihilate the Canadian economy just to please the left-wing extremists who insist on higher taxes and wealth transfers. British climate expert Anthony Cary reports that “climate science is in its infancy….only fools or rogues pretend to be sure of what is going on……Our climate models are barely predictive”. Therefore reasonable people would think that the first step must include research and informed discussions rather than relying on erroneous computer models which are based on left-bias assumptions and manipulated data by some rogue “scientists”. Step two would mandate the private sector including the investment community, possibly with tax incentives, to research, develop, produce, and implement technology necessary, such as carbon capture and sequestration, to resolve any climate problems that might be scientifically and legitimately confirmed to be acute

It is becoming transparent that the so-called “climate change” panic is nothing more than a deception by far-left wealth redistributing advocates. Unfortunately Canada does not have a small-c fiscal conservative PM, nor are small-c conservatives represented in the Conservative Party or the Canadian Parliament, so Harper will likely fully partake in this swindle which will begin the dismantling of the Canadian economy.


JR said...

Sad, but likely true. Unfortunately the most we can hope for is that the Conservatives live up to their pledge (so far only verbal) to do nothing that harms our economy.

Halfwise said...

It would have been political suicide for the Conservatives to adhere to their previous, skeptical, position on AGW for the past 5 years.

I think the tide has turned. Look for some "well, the facts have changed, and so have we" to accompany some back pedalling, maybe by next spring. Who knows, perhaps the light bulb market may get de-regulated.

Speaking of which, can you believe that some adult in a position of authority got a law passed based on the notion that changing light bulbs would change the climate? Yeah right, and stop that dreaded continental drift, too...