Monday, December 21, 2009

Prentice touts 'turning point' climate deal

That was the title of a CTV News item today. Mr. Prentice was also interviewed on local Victoria radio followed, naturally, by a green activist fresh from participating as a "protester" in Copenhagen.

My comments on the CTV News story:

There's nothing about "climate change" that requires "urgent" action on anyone's part let alone Canada's. The evidence for AGW has always been weak. The recent Climategate scandal showing that key climate scientists have been tampering with data and interferring with the scientific review process makes the scare-mongering IPCC's case even weaker.

The only useful "turning point" will be when our governments come to their collective senses and start to demand verifiable evidence before wasting, or promising to waste, truckloads of taxpayers money.

But, meanwhile, if it's a contest in climate la-la land between Mr. Prentice and greener than thou idiots like Charest or Campbell, give me Prentice any day!

Update: In the comments Halfwise notes that "Big Carbon", "the Spawn of Enron", was kept alive by Copenhagen. Here's how the carbon markets have been performing as indicated by iPath Global Carbon ETN NYSE:GRN which kicked off at $50 in 2008 and has fallen by over 50% since. Post Copenhagen it dropped from $28 to $23. Note also that volumes are 1000 shares a day or less:


Halfwise said...

Reading some commentary from Britain (Devil's Kitchen blog mostly) the emerging theme there is that Copenhagen was designed to save Big Carbon from being wiped out by the expiry of Kyoto. If there is nothing under the carbon market, all those who bought carbon credits and carbon futures will lose money.

Copenhagen succeeded in keeping the carbon market alive. Little else matters, apparently.

I continue to be baffled by the lack of interest by Canadian media in following the money. For heaven's sakes, turn your adoring eyes away from David Suzuki and look at the Spawn of Enron that is rising before your eyes! Billions of dollars for nothing. Bah, serves us bloody well right if it happens.

JR said...

Interesting points, Halfwise, thanks. See my update.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas!

JR said...

Thanks, BCF. I've been out of town so, a slightly belated Merry Christmas to you and yours. And all the best in 2010.