Friday, February 11, 2011

Debating the multicult

The Globe and Mail's resident nitwit, John Ibbitson, doesn't want Canadians to debate multiculturalism:

Whether we like it or not – and there’s not much to like – events could force a national debate on whether multiculturalism is working in Canada.

... The country will survive a debate over multiculturalism, even if we may not be able to prevent one.
He'll no doubt be shocked when he finds out from the nearly 1400 comments that almost everyone thinks he's a moron. As Blazing Cat Fur put it, he got "his poncy ass kicked".

Mark Steyn on Ibbitson's column.

And over at Climbing Out of the Dark, Hunter comments on the growing list of national leaders who've declared the multicult a flop/disaster.


Sean M said...

Yeah, whatever Ibbitson. The only people who don't want a debate on multi-cult (tribalism) are the far left extremists and Trudeauvian cultists like Ibbitson, and other mouthpieces of the trudeauvian empire of identity politics, and cesorship. Trudeauvian cultists, the media and other far left extremists want to continue their destruction of Canada with their inherently racist identity politics and social engineering schemes all based on an irrational hatred of Canada. Canadians are waking up Ibbitson, and the days of the media and other Trudeauvian cultists shutting down debate with insults, unfounded accusations and a supremacist nature are thankfully coming to an end.

JR said...

That about nails it, Sean.

Alain said...

I suggest you also include all those in the multicultural industry. At least I can understand their motivation, that they do not want to lose their free lunch. As for the useful idiots, they probably simply have a mental disorder.