Friday, February 18, 2011

Defunding KAIROS (aka the Oda "scandal")

Peter Foster: "Bungled but justified".

... As for all those shocked accusations about “lying,” what Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff this week called a “reputable church organization” has told Parliamentary-sized whoppers in pursuit of its own leftist agenda.
Kairos is supported by a grab bag of terminally declining religious denominations searching desperately for current relevance by adopting the commandments of the Church of Greenpeace. It speaks for the weasel concepts of social justice and sustainable development. ...


maryT said...

Everyone should read this.
A must read, NBTorygal today. She has listed over 100 scandals the liberals were responsible for, most if not all, costing the taxpayer millions of dollars. I am sure the liberals would prefer this record NOT be revisited. Iggy, do you know what your party did to the taxpayer.

Joe said...

Why don't you change that header a bit to reflect the truth. Oda didn't bungle anything. The opposition just have their panties in a knot because a left wingnut group got cut off from the public teat. What's more every time a left wingnut group loses funding the same hue and cry will emerge. Anyone who opposes the public funding of left wingnuttery must stand behind the minister doing the cutting instead of saying the minister bungled.

Anonymous said...

Yup we need to fund a group that supports the arabs, hates Israel wants the "tar sands" shut down.
Now they are going to be taking on our Vetrans with a "White Poppy" sale.
I guess they all vote Liberal.
The issue as you so rightly point out is cutting off funding.
Thank you Bev Oda, stand strong!
Cheers Bubba

JR said...

Have been away for the past week, so commenting further now is likely a waste of my time. Anyway, for the record, here goes:
Like Foster I think it's pretty murky how the decision to defund KAIROS and the controversial memo came to be modified (sloppily), but Bev Oda's explanations (or lack of them) didn't help matters. Then again, perhaps there was no easy way out once it became public and the opposition began trying to score points.

In the end the main thing is to keep the likes of KAIROS from getting taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

The true travesty that no one talks about is the suppression of free speech. The Harper government has it's policies bought and paid for. Narratives (ie free speech) contrary to Harper's have to be shut down. There is no sober debate and the right tries to sweep it all under the rug. This is not democracy.