Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrity farewell to Jack Layton

Christie Blatchford penned an excellent column about the celebrity treatment Jack Layton's untimely death is receiving.  Naturally, as can be seen in the comments, Jack's fans are not pleased with Christie's take :)

Jack Layton was a likeable, upbeat guy who lived and breathed socialist politics and died too young. But he deserves honest appraisal not the fawning, over-the-top sentimentality served up by most of the media. Jack's final "letter to Canadians" was the first thing I read after learning of his death and I was disappointed to find it full of NDP talking points and concluded with meaningless platitudes. It sounded as if it had been written by party hacks, which, as Christie points out, it had. They didn't do him any favours.

Whatever. R.I.P. Jack Layton.

Update (from the comments):
dmorris: "I heard the Taliban was sending a squad to do the 19 gun salute,hope they restrain themselves and use blank cartridges." :)
Calgary Junkie: Christie on the Bill Good Show yesterday (10:00 am).
Upperdate: Paul Tuns [via].


maryT said...

Knowing how Layton accused our troops of horrible things, and had not much use for the military, wonder what he would think of their role in his state funeral.

JR said...

Good question mary. That other anti-military (except when putting down separatist uprisings)socialist, Pierre Trudeau got a 19 gun salute.

But Jack always enjoyed grandstanding, so maybe he'd approve.

Alain said...

All the people stating that Jack Layton was a great Canadian having sacrificed himself for the country need to give their head a shake. Jack may have been many things to many people, but he made no sacrifice for the country. That claim belongs to those of our armed forces, past and present.

Anonymous said...

Why not a state funeral for Jack? He accused our troops of atrocities, was the rudest parliamentarian, joined up with the traitorous BLOC, went to Washington for medical treatment while espousing the wonders of our healthcare the we taxpayers must use, etc…..
Jack has fed out of the public trough his whole life so it is fitting we taxpayers foot his final expenses. Hell he lived in public housing while pulling down

dmorris said...

I heard the Taliban was sending a squad to do the 19 gun salute,hope they restrain themselves and use blank cartridges.

I haven't been able to find the Youtube of Jack saying our troops may be war criminals. Did I imagine it,or just didn't type in the right heading?

Anonymous said...

cute. what if harper gets cancer and croaks? think there will be a little fawning then?

Calgary Junkie said...

Christie was on the Bill Good Show, Tuesday Aug 23rd, from 10:00 am to 10:30 am ...

CKNW audio vault

Anonymous said...

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Sean M said...

Even in death, Layton costs the taxpayers money. I mean seriously, this guy sucked at the public teat his whole life and now he's doing it when he's dead. It would be interesting to know how much Laytons life and death as a career politician has cost the taxpayer. When do Canadians actually stop paying for Layton and his marxist beliefs?

JR said...

No doubt Jack cost us a bundle. Though he(and his fans and fellow partisans) insisted (and continue to insist) he selflessly tried to "make Canada a better place." Sure. I guess we can just be thankful he never got any closer to real power (eg. as in coalition)than he did. Otherwise the cost would have been unbearable.