Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Useful idiot of Omaha

Peter Foster on Warren Buffet's "tax-the-rich" bullcrap:
... The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen More has pointed out that Mr. Buffett misrepresents the U.S. tax system, which is still sharply progressive, even if monstrously convoluted. The median-income household in 2008 paid just 4% federal tax on its US$35,000. Those with more than US$2-million paid 32% in 2005, the last year for which data is available.
Warren Buffett is just one more useful idiot helping Obama push his class warfare re-election platform.  The fix for the current economic mess is to starve the government of revenue and force it to cut spending, not give it more money to waste on entitlements.


Anonymous said...

Warren Buffet is a smart person with a viewpoint that apparently does not accord with yours. Why the ad hominem attack and the name calling? Why can't conservatives state their point of view without assisinating the character of the person they disagree with?

JR said...

Warren Buffet is certainly a smart person and he's entitled to his viewpoint - as am I. As for "name-calling" I assume you refer to my "useful idiot" descriptor. The term has well known meanings in political dicourse, so it's hardly "ad hominem". It applies to Buffett as an apparently well-meaning but oblivious shill for Obama's big government, economy wrecking agenda. I should have added "hypocrite" because, as Peter Foster points out, he has personally benefitted hugely from Government bailouts and tax loopholes and now bemoans that he (and his fellow super-rich) doesn't pay a "fair share".