Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saint Jack?

Then again maybe not.  A darker side of Jack:
"... At that time, smiling Jack forgot to smile...."


Anonymous said...

Fuck you

dmorris said...

I wish people would quit calling down Stephen Harper for declaring a State funeral. It was a political master stroke.

Harper was going to be excoriated by the Left for doing anything less,and by so doing,stole their thunder. They cannot possibly make any claims Harper didn't respect their icon-of-the-week.

By December,Layton will be a dim memory,and the NDP will NOT be able to use his name as black activists have done with Martin Luther King.

I challenge Stevie Cameron,of the Brian Mulroney attack book "On the Take" fame, to do a real investigative job on Jack Layton.

For one thing,I'd like to know whether the "rub and tug" episode was a one-time thing,or part of a series of such occurences.

And the question of the subsidized housing,Dippers claim he was completely exonerated,but there have been claims he was admitted in to the co-op housing by falsely applying for the unit under the name of Olivia Chow's Mother.

There very well may be a "dark side" to Jack Layton,there often is with obsessive egotists who lust for power,example; Ted Kennedy.

Let's see if any Canadian journalist has the courage to actually do the investigative work.

I very much doubt that journalist exists. We are served up our News by a group of politically correct cowards.

maryT said...

I wonder if he is happy that his daughter did not visit a morgantaler abortion clinic. Perhaps his undying love (and it was real) was not in some way to apologize to all those he denied the chance of being g/father to by supporting abortion.

JR said...

Anon, Heh, Cheers to you too.

dmorris, I agree. While Layton didn't deserve a state funeral, I can't fault the PM for recognizing that not offering one would hold only a political downside for him.

maryT, Good point. I know for sure he was happy his mother didn't visit an abortionist.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:54...Wow got those two braincells workin did you..great response. I can see the writing on the wall already...Jack would have wanted...Jack thought this would be a good thing...we can't disappoint Jack....come Monday the knives will be out and all the brotherly love that spilled over from this very long week will be flushed down the sewer. The man was on deaths door in July and people act like he just got hit by a bus and his death was a great shock...either they were not watching the news, didn't read a newspaper and see his photo or they are totally oblivious to the world around them and decide to play follow the crowd to cover their guilt of being uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why the first wife was kind of swept under the carpet for this event. She was there -- but routinely ignored by media. Jack has spoken positively of her -- but I wonder what she would have to say about him.

Jen said...

I hear you dmorris, I find it strange that the people have no idea that he voted against them on issues he asked the PM to impliment in the budget; instead, what he did, is used exactly what the PM offered in budget as and part of his campaign telling people that he will give them the exact same things which he refused to support in the first place.

dmorris said...

Here's a link to Stirling Faux radio show from April 28/11 in which the guest,Howard Galganov,former talk show host in Montreal, says Jack Layton was promising Quebecers sovereignty within Canada when speaking in Quebec, but acting the proud Federalist in the rest of Canada.

It seems Layton was much more cynical than anyone thought.

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