Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Royal" restored!

At long last!  Forty-three years of campaigning, petitioning  (and waiting) has finally resulted in the restoral of the name "Royal" to the Canadian Navy and Air Force:
... The announcement comes 100 years, to the day, after King George granted Royal Consent to call the Naval Service of Canada the Royal Canadian Navy...
In 1968, six years after I joined the RCAF, defence minister Paul Hellyer did away with the single services and "unified" them as the Canadian Forces.  Our unit held an emotional wake to mark the event.  [Hellyer was a flake then and remains a flake.]  It's a wonder it took this long to undo (some of) the damage he did.

A valuable part of our heritage has been restored. It doesn't happen often.

CBC poll [via].

David Warren.


Sean M said...

Clearly Hellyer was a complete shit for brains destroyer and history denier. Next up... Dominion Day! May that SOB Trudeau rot in hell!

JR said...


Anonymous said...

That is an absolutely beautiful crest. I hope the RCAF gives the Air Command badge the boot and returns to it along with RCAF ranks.

I waited years for this, too. I was signatory number 2 to the Restore the Honour petition. Although my service was limited to 8 years with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets as both a cadet and an officer, my hatred for Hellyer and his bastard child unification is no less than anyone who suffered at his hand. It was a crushing day when I had to exchange my RCN pattern square rig uniform for the cadet version of CF greens.

Perhaps some traditionally minded senior officers will take this ball further down the court and undo even more of the damage.

JR said...

Thanks for dropping by, Delwin. I couldn't agree more!