Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Iron Lady” - another liberal hit-piece

Peter Foster wasn’t impressed:

... looks an awful lot like revenge on a figure the lefty liberal arts community has not merely never understood, but actively hated. Ms. Streep’s thanking the English for allowing her to come and “trample all over their history” was also telling.

... one can’t help concluding that this movie was at best misconceived and at worst a hatchet job on one of the most significant political figures in the past 50 years.

... In the movie ... her principles are portrayed as the tedious platitudes recalled by a demented old woman. This is not merely mediocre art and bad history, it is shameful.
Damn, I was looking forward to seeing that movie!


Ted Betts said...

You should still go to see it.

Ideologues of any stripe are all the same, refusing to listen to something that they might not like.

But when lefties are just as outraged by this movie as the righties, outraged about how much of a puff piece it is and how it makes her look too good, you know it can't be all that bad. They are refusing to see it for stupid reasons too.

Tells you something about both the right wing and left wing critics of the movie. A lot, in fact.

Thatcher would have been one of the first to deride the type of cult of personality and demogoguery shown by righties refusing to watch this movie. She was a tough lady and could take anything, unlike so many of her followers.

JR said...

Why do liberals always sound so smug?

And Ted, don't worry, I still plan to see the movie. I'm just not looking forward to it as much now.

"... a tough lady and could take anything, unlike so many of her followers ..."

... and so many more of her ideological opponents.

Here's some commentary on "The Iron Lady" from a couple of conservatives whose views I also appreciate.

Sean M said...

I look forward to seeing this movie. Having been made in Hollywood assures it will be inaccurate and insulting because thats what Hollywood does. I still find the subject interesting though, and will see it. Thatcher was prophetic and right about so many things, ( EU) but like Reagan will continue to be irrationally demonized and hated by the left, mainly because the left are blinded by their warped ideology and hatred.