Thursday, January 5, 2012

Northern Gateway poll: Glass half empty?

CTV News:
Nearly half of British Columbians support Enbridge Inc. ’s proposed Northern Gateway project, according to an Ipsos Reid poll conducted on behalf of company.
That's it? Less than half! That means more than half have their heads up their asses.


Anonymous said...

British Columbians may not support the pipeline but it is the provincial government that will make the decision as to whether or not it goes through. I don't think the government will want to get in a squabble with the feds over this, let allow start a an interprovincial war with Alberta. The good denizens of B.C. should remember that a great deal of their trade with the rest of Canada has to pass through Alberta.

Dollops said...

What was the question? An unwary public could be tricked into voting against motherhood so let's not assume that those respondents actually opposed Enbridge or oil sands products. I've discussed this issue with Indian (as in indigenous) customers and found their opposition to be all bluster based on herd mentality, and when we seriously examine this project and other anathema subjects they generally respond quite reasonably.

Anonymous said...

In fact only slightly more than 30% opposed the pieline - the remaining 20% did not have an opinion. So, in fact, the CTV headline should have read "Majority of BC poll respondents support pieline"

JR said...

OK. Looking at it as a glass half full instead of half empty let's ignore those with 'no opinion' and say that 'only' 30% oppose, so let's get on with it. Can I still say that 50% have their heads up where the sun don't shine?

Another upside is that ForestEthics (those foreign meddlers) hate it, so it must be a good result.

dmorris said...

B.C. desperately needs the pipelines,both oil to Prince Rupert,and LNG to Kitimat.

If we go ahead with these projects,the Province should have lots of tax money to piss away on "social justice" programs on the Lower Mainland,without it, we'll be just another "Manitoba", begging from Alberta.

The problem in B.C. is that too many people live in the LM and Victoria,and never visit the Rest of the Province,preferring Hawaii and Vegas instead.

It's a whole different world Up North, LM'ers should get their citified asses up there occasionally and see who's making the money for this Province.

They might appear better informed if they did.

JR said...

You could be right about that, d. On the other hand maybe it would just as well if southerners stayed away - they'd probably just come up with more hare-brained ideas and screw things up. The north will get the jobs and income anyway - and what isn't confiscated (for social justice programs) will go to improving their living standards.

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals don't care about and don't need Victoria so don't lump my city in with Vancouver dumbasses. It's not just "social justice" projects these pinheads blow cash on it's junk like a billion dollar roof for BC place. They can't afford to put a concrete divider on the Malahat but they've got unlimited funds for piece of garbage football stadiums.