Saturday, January 28, 2012

Subverting the "education" system

This story in today's Post is yet another indicator of how widely and deeply radical social and political thinking has infiltrated the education system:
... an alternative public school ... “based on the principles of participatory democracy and social equity,” as the school advertised itself.  ... Eitan, then 17 years old ...  said, ‘Ima [Hebrew for mother], the walls of the school are plastered with posters saying Israel: Apartheid State,’ ” ... referring to flyers mounted by a pro-Palestinian student club.

... In one of its teaching guides, the B.C. Department of Education says social justice “extends beyond the protection of rights” and aims for a “just and equitable society.”
... In its 2010 Social Justice Action Plan, the Toronto District School Board defines social justice ...
... In New Brunswick, one Grade 4 teacher drew ire ...
... In Ontario, one school sent Grade 1 students home with day-planners that highlighted an “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” and “International Day of Zero-Tolerance on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting.”
... another Ontario school sent Grade 7 students to a protest hosted by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, a notoriously confrontational activist group that advocates militantly for economic equality.
... In Quebec, one eco-friendly elementary school excluded a six-year-old boy from a teddy-bear contest because his lunch box contained a plastic bag rather than a reusable container.
This guy has it right:
“That’s an illegitimate use of the school’s authority,” said British sociologist Frank Furedi. “It’s not up to the schools to determine the behaviour and values of the family. A child’s education should not be confused with politicization, nor is it about internalizing the values of their teachers.”
This story should set off alarm bells for parents who haven’t been paying attention. It’s clear that the "education" system has become saturated with the highly dubious, radically toxic ideologies of postmodernist moral and cultural relativism, multiculturalism and so-called "social justice".  Check out the web-sites of the teachers’ unions and university departments of education and see how far they’ve gone and plan to go to perpetuate these claptrap social(ist) theories by brazenly indoctrinating children and students from K through U.

Parents, should be loudly protesting! Schools are failing at their primary job which is to educate, to provide children with the basic tools and competence needed to advance and to prepare them to think for themselves. Instead, they are wasting valuable time doing the opposite - indoctrinating impressionable kids in dubious social and political thinking while neglecting their primary responsibilities. It leads nowhere good.


Anonymous said...

What about the "lock down" elementary students? How do they explain that to a five yr old?

johndoe124 said...

Yeah, it was a great article, something one would only see in the Post.

Furedi is quoted later on in the article calling it "indoctrination" which is exactly right. One of the other nincompoops quoted in the article (and a professor, of course) claimed something about this being welcome in a democracy (never explaining what the hell democracy has to do with it) yet nowhere is there even mention of a balanced curriculum that might also present the ethics of Liberty, for example.

I was fortunate enough to have a mother who survived Soviet Russia. I am almost genetically skeptical. But don't parents these days have enough to think about without having to deprogram their children every night?

JR said...

The left has a near stranglehold on the education system and is doing its damnedest to subvert it to its toxic ideology. Parents fighting back is one of the surest ways to regain lost ground.