Thursday, June 28, 2012

US Supremes uphold Obamacare

Obama said "the individual mandate IS NOT A TAX":

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Supreme Court says: "It's a Tax"

Romney says: "I'll repeal it!"


john said...

Wow, what a complete "surprise" supreme court dcisions inthU.S. have become as pathetically predictable as they are in Canada.

Lorne Russell said...

Although Obamacare is a mess and should be repealed, the SCOTUS ruling puts it back in the political domain, where it rightfully belongs. The right way to change this law is via the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

kind of like when our "health care premium" wasn't a tax either

Anonymous said...

In what Alice in Wonderland world is there a difference between not forcing people to buy something and penalizing them if they don't buy it. Once again judges lack common sense. I hope Romney gets some spine.

JR said...

Let's hope Romney knows how to turn this dopey decision into an election winner.

Lorne Russell said...

The law is dopey.
The decision is not.
Romney should be able to capitalize on it.

john said...

"The decision is not"

Yes, as we all know. Judges are ultra-intelligent, infallible super beings, incapable of bias or error.

As I said above Supreme court decision in the U.S are as pathetically predictable as the ones in Canada.

Why bother even taking matters to these pompous, posturing elitists? You always know precisely what they are going to decide.

john said...

I love how millions of members of the electorate can call for a law. It can be passed by hundreds of members of a legislature. It can be drafted by hundreds of lawyers working for the government. It can be enforced and admiminstered for years by thousands of law enforcement officers and government lawyers but then one day 9 blustering assholes with an inflated sense of their own importance can suddenly decide it's no longer the law.

Yes, I guess they are simply wiser than everyone else.

JR said...

Lorne: "The law is dopey. The decision is not."

Sorry, Lorne, but a decision that relies on dopey reasoning to uphold a dopey law is, unavoidably, a dopey decision.