Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A phony poll to boost a fraud's image

Ezra Levant shows how a poll manipulated by a PR flack at Angus Reid got David Suzuki to the top of a "most admired" list:

Update: Ezra's column.


Xanthippa said...

Sorry - not related to Ezra's most awesome rant...I did not see 'contact' info, sorry.

Just wanted to let you know about this:

Roy Elsworth said...

good work Ezra. but I don't know about you I still would have chose either rick hansen, or don cherry

Anonymous said...

Fact is that you occupy a place in the fringe. You're not playing with a full deck in other words. David Suzuki is admired and respected by a majority of normal Canadians.

Anonymous said...

"A majority of normal Canadians"
I am a severly normal Canadian and I find nothing admirable about a cranky, misinformed old actor with a carbon footprint the size of a small country.
Cheers Bubba

j said...

I've never really liked Suzuki at all - ever. Even when I was a kid, before he became a full time activist nut job I couldn't stand him.

I remember when his absurdly boring and preachy show, "The Nature of Things" was on.
I would groan every time I turned on the TV and saw it playing.

This useless, strange old fart should retire & disappear.

Now, I'm sure dumb-assed anon 6:51 AM will whine, "The Nature of Things was a very interesting show!"

Yeah, suuuurrrre it was. And so was that OTHER CBC blockbuster, Front Page Challenge. Get lost anon 6:51 the CBC doesn't know HOW to make programming people want to watch. They only make programming that useless, lefty shits SAY they watch (but don't).

Anonymous said...

I doubt *Suzuki* even believes half the crap he spews.

Suzuki's B.S. has nothing to do with clean air/water, protecting species or fighting climate change.

It is all about the self promotion of David Suzuki. Nothing more noble than that.

Anonymous said...

I believe Suzuki has at least four mansions and some property he co-owns with some oil company.