Thursday, October 10, 2013

An insane federal proposal to expand Indian reserves

It's a potential nightmare for municipalities:
B.C. municipalities are raising concerns over a proposed federal policy change that would allow First Nations bands to buy land and create satellite reserves anywhere in B.C. - even if they're not next to their traditional territory.

... the changes to the so-called "additions-to-reserve policy" would allow residential, commercial and industrial development in cities across B.C., resulting in the loss of land, taxes and costs associated with servicing agreements.

It could also create a "proverbial patchwork quilt" of jurisdictions, with municipalities wrangling with First Nations over bylaws and regulations on everything from fire services to house inspections.

... the policy, which would allow satellite reserves in cities like Burnaby, which has no reserves, and "turn community planning on its ear,"

... "If they bought a large block in middle of Surrey and it's a tax-free zone, imagine the impact on the surrounding businesses,"  ...
This idea is beyond nuts.  With few exceptions Indian reserves are among the most dysfunctional jurisdictions on the planet.  And the feds propose to multiply the problem?  Insane!  The object should be to get rid of reserves, not multiply them.

And whose money would be used to make the property acquisitions?  Taxpayers of course.  The Minister of Indian Affairs needs a good smack upside his head.


Anonymous said...

I just emailed my MP Mark Strahl to tell them this is as offensive as Mackays insane idea of collecting DNA from people who have only been arrested, not charged or convicted.
The CPC is making the Libertarian Party look better and better.

JR said...

Good show anon!
I did the same to the PM and Indian Affairs Minister.

Anonymous said...

Yikes... talk about making a bad situation even worse, much worse! Obviously furthering the apartied system of tribalism and nation within a nation status is a recipe for disaster. It's astonishing that the Government, any Government cannot understand that dividing people up based on ethnicity or tribal loyalties is inherently racist in itself. I've written to my MP, don't have an answer yet, but was told this subject has been discussed but without a conclusion. I expressed my firm disagreement with any Government furthering the divide between Canadians. This is simply asinine.

JR said...

"...subject has been discussed but without conclusion ..."

Wow! Youdda thunk they'd be able to reach a sensible conclusion in less than a millisecond on a proposal this obviously stupid + dangerous.

That doesn't leave me with much confidence that they'll dump the idea.