Friday, October 11, 2013

Ezra Levant gets in David Suzuki's face

Ace reporter and pundit, Ezra Levant, attended a Suzuki anti-oil media event and produced this brilliant episode of The Source:

Peter Foster also attended. He opines on Suzuki's "Carbonist Manifesto" and on Ezra's role at the event:
The occasion was a photo op ... at which Mr. Suzuki would reveal his “Carbon Manifesto” and generate publicity for his upcoming “trial,” an event due to take place at the Royal Ontario Museum on November 6.

... His Carbonist Manifesto, however, amounts to a plan to wreck the Canadian economy. Oil exploration has to stop at once. Seventy per cent of energy has to be generated from renewables within a generation. A carbon tax of $150 a tonne must be applied immediately.

... Usually ... Mr. Suzuki expresses his wacky beliefs within the safe and scripted confines of the CBC, not with Ezra Levant in his face.

The problem, however, is that the photo-op event to promote the mock trial had already been hijacked by Mr. Suzuki’s nemesis, Sun TV’s Ezra Levant.

Mr. Levant, whose persona might be described as somewhere between a steam roller, a legal pitbull and a right-wing Jon Stewart, has been a relentless critic of Mr. Suzuki ...

... Mr. Suzuki fled, with the Sun TV mic hounding him all the way to his waiting Chevy Volt. ...

... I asked Laurie Brown, the “veteran” CBC-er whose brainchild the trial is, what would happen in the unlikely event that Mr. Suzuki were found guilty. Would there be a sentencing?

Sure she said with a laugh, they’d take him outside and hang him.

Maybe they should have had a gallows at the photo op. I’m sure Mr. Suzuki would have had no trouble imagining Mr. Levant swinging from it.

UpdateThe two Suzukis - Saint Suzuki and Secret Suzuki

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