Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ezra Levant forces "trial" judge to recuse herself

Suzuki mock trial judge withdraws after questions of bias:
Ontario Superior Justice Harriet Sachs announced that she would no longer be participating in a mock trial of environmentalist David Suzuki.

... [Suzuki] was barraged with questions by Sun News host Ezra Levant, including queries on Judge Sachs and her possible bias.

... A Superior Court judge since 1998, Judge Sachs is the wife of Clayton Ruby, a prominent Toronto lawyer known for championing liberal [including radical environmental] causes.
No doubt, without Ezra shining a bright light on her, judge Sachs, having been dumb enough to accept a role in this eco-propaganda stunt in the first place, would have blithely gone ahead with it.  But now that she has let us know who she is, Sachs has compromised any claim she might have had to objectivity in environmental cases that might come before her.  So she might as well permanently recuse herself from hearing any such case. 

Ezra is the man!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic job Ezra

Fat Tony

johndoe124 said...

Kind of ironic that Suzuki is on trial when he is the one who is the fascist.

Anonymous said...

Watching Ezra go after Suzuki and call him on his blatent hypocracy was the best thing I had ever seen on TV.
Suzuki is delusional at best.
He has no understanding of the science at all.
With his multiple million dollar homes is he a carbon criminal?
How he is able to have multiple lobbiests on the staff of his "Charity" and still have tax free status is a mystery to me.

JR said...

Ezra has definitely found his niche. He once considered taking up elected politics as a career. It's a good thing he didn't. He's much more valuable doing what he does now.