Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bill Maher on Islam

Bill Maher may hold an ugly, profane, intolerant disrespect for Christianity (and most other religions except maybe atheism, socialism and climate change) but at least he gets it right when he calls out his fellow "liberals" for their hypocritical defense of Islamism and their ideological (and cowardly) refusal to honestly condemn Islamist atrocities:

[h/t: The Blaze]


Anonymous said...

Islam is pure evil and should be eradicated from the planet....or at least North America. Out of over 1 million Muslims in Canada I'm yet to hear more than 3 speak out against the atrocities committed by Islam. I'm sick and tires of hearing this moderate bullshit and how peaceful they are. Where was Mayor Nenshi during at least one of the anti ISIS protest at city hall last month? In fact where were any of the over 80000 Calgary Muslims? Canadians will only wake up when we are attacked and then I'll bet we'll do what the government done after 9/11: let even more Muslims into Canada!

Anonymous said...

PM Harper says 'Islamicism" biggest threat to Canada


Anonymous said...

Yeah Harper says this and that but does nothing about it. Yeah there's that law where the government can revoke passports of suspected terrorists which only keeps them in Canada to commit jihad here. There's some law that says a person can be prosecuted if they join a terrorists army overseas. I don't recall it being used yet but if it was I'm sure the suspect would be given a slap on the wrist under Harper's new tough on crime bill......if the suspect was even found guilty. And of course there's still massive immigration of Muslims on a daily basis, but I'm sure these are the good ones tho who are peaceful (sarc)!
Then we have our favourite terrorists family and favourite terrorists child known as the Canadian Khadr who are outspoken advocate of jihad against Canada and we just keep them here as our tokens of compassion and tolerance.

In all reality Harper is no different than the libs are NDP when it comes to Islamic appeasement and political correctness.

I will commend Harper for not going to a Mosque and praying before the pedophile sky daddy mohamad like Justin Trudeau has done many a time.

Sorry JR about defaming the holy prophet Moe in the above statement. I hope you don't receive a liable notice or death threats from some of Canada's fine moderate muslims. If you delete my comment I will understand.

BTW: to those moderate Muslims who remain quiet and do not speak out......silence is consensus! You are with them and you are our enemy and not to be trusted.

Alain said...

I concur with comments 1 and 3. As for comment 2, while it is true that the PM said it, he was incorrect. I said incorrect, because the treat is Islam itself, not "Islamism".