Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The week in climate stupid

John Kerry's wasn't the only outburst of climate idiocy in the past week. James Delingpole reports four more in "Global Warming Jumps the Shark: the Week in Climate Stupid".


Anonymous said...

Ezra Levan presents a piece yesterday on giant solar panel projects in the U.S. that literally burn up thousands of birds as they fly overhead; so bright, that pilots are blinded by the glare. Instead of all this solar energy being absorbed by the earth naturally; it is reflected back into the atmoshphere in concentrated form. I question whether thousands or millions of like projects all over the world would contribute to climate change by pumping all this energy back into the atmosphere. Ironic?

JR said...

Yes, I saw that one. It seems there's no end to the litany of eco/climate stupidities.