Monday, September 22, 2014

Wind industry - "one of the most corrupt enterprises on earth"

James Delingpole on an interview with Mexican ecology professor Patricia Mora:
... Though Professor Mora is talking specifically about Mexico, what she says applies equally well to supposedly more transparent democracies such as Britain, Australia, the US, Canada and Denmark. The wind industry is necessarily one of the most corrupt enterprises on earth because it depends for its entire existence on government favours, backhanders, dishonest environmental impact assessments and on regulators turning a blind eye to the known health problems caused by wind turbine noise. Without crony capitalism, the wind industry simply would not exist. ...


Anonymous said...

Found this and all I can add is WOW how stupid are WE becoming

Anonymous said...

This article is encouraging as real pollution will be dealt a real solution in MHO

Anonymous said...

I am not against the wind industry existing if they can make it on their own and be profitable, but so far that has not happened. Otherwise the owner of the grid be it government owned like in most provinces or privately owned should only buy from them if they can make a profit, not at a loss which means higher rates.

If you really want to reduce GHG's, nuclear power is the best option, but the Greens are opposed to that too showing their hypocricy.

Anonymous said...

this article is encouraging

West Coast warming linked to naturally occurring changes _ LA Times

Arthur Anderson said...

Ont's. Ms Whynne following Her elec. win; in a press statement announced she was shutting down several wind
Generators. The high cost of operations had resulted in a multi
milliion $$ loss in exports. Three days later announced A renewal of the Multi Million $$ contracts to build new windmills. Previous yr. there was 1.1 Billion unaccounted for in Energy Programs. ???

JR said...

Aside from the expense of installing & producing wind energy and the negative effects of the turbines on the natural and human environment, the worst thing about the wind industry is its fascistic crony collusion with governments to run rough-shod over local communities' property and other rights.