Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vancouver's little "People's March" against climate change

Purely by accident (I swear) I saw the noisy, Big Green sponsored mob go by on W Georgia St.  Appropriately, it began at the CBC building.

The turnout was small.

Veronica Alice (pictured) expressed an opinion to the Vancouver Sun:
“It’s the system that got us in the mess,” said Alice. “It’s the system that needs to change. ..."

A sentiment straight out of the "Occupy" protest.  Mess? What mess?  These highly privileged ingrates protest the system that brought them (and billions more around the world) whatever wealth, freedom and and life expectancy they enjoy.  It is the best it has been in the history of mankind, and getting better.  They should be celebrating that system, not protesting it and advocating its demise.  If these foolish dupes and useful idiots have their way, their (and our) children's futures will be very, very bleak indeed.


Lorne Russell said...

These "ingrates" don't understand that all the benefits they enjoy came about because of abundant inexpensive energy. Their goal of reducing energy supply and thus making it more expensive will deny to the millions of poor in the world the opportunity to enjoy the standard of living they take for granted.

They are nothing but brain-deal selfish spoiled brats.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lorne... Useful idiots of the Marxist variety "protesting" for higher taxes and higher energy costs, making life worse for everyone, except those that can afford it. Imbeciles!

Bird of Paradise said...

First they get the kids involved in this phonie ideas of Global Warming then their parents get invloved in it Lennin couldnt have done it better It enviromentalism was around in his days