Friday, May 29, 2015

A rarity - an oil industry CEO unafraid of radical adversaries

Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson tells it like it is

It is rare to see an oil executive publicly taking on his radical environmental adversaries. 

... Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson came under predictable attack at the company’s annual meeting in Dallas this week from climate radicals and the Catholic Church, in the form of a friar and a nun, but his responses were conspicuously free of the kind of climate apologetics issued last week by Suncor’s Steve Williams
 ... Tillerson said his company was not going to “fake” excessive concern for a matter on which the science was still highly uncertain. 

...He didn’t “deny” the slight warning trend of the past century (which has stopped for most of the past two decades), but he pointedly noted that climate models “just aren’t that good.”  

... He also expressed unfashionable faith in human ability to adapt ... “Mankind has this enormous capacity to deal with adversity,” said Tillerson. “Those solutions will present themselves as the realities become clear.
... One of the most predictable warm up acts for Paris is due to trot into the arena shortly in the form of a Papal Encyclical on climate.  ... Exxon in fact reportedly sent a delegation to the Vatican recently, but it didn’t go to genuflect before climate religion
... Among the paths of appeasement that Exxon Mobil has refused to walk down are those of renewable energy
Truly a breath of fresh air.

Rex Tillerson for global CEO of the decade!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the old school tobacco executives, lol.

Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy asks all those who think AGW is a fact to live without fossil fuels for thirty days. I want any of you who think you can do it tell me how. I know it cannot be done.

Alain said...

@oldwhiteguy, of course we both know that it would be impossible. They would not only be unable to drive or even take public transport where it exists, they would have to give up their computers, iPads, iPhones and just about everything else. In fact even bicycles require fossil fuels for their production. The oil sands are actually the biggest oil spill by mother nature, so cleaning up the spill is the most environmentally best thing to do. Modern pipelines are furthermore the safest way to transport oil as evidence will confirm, yet the eco-fascists want to restrict it to rail transport. The evidence of how unsafe this is exists for anyone to see. Therefore like you until any of them walk the talk, they can shut their trap, because they absolutely no credibility.

Anonymous said...

"oldwhiteguy asks all those who think AGW is a fact to live without fossil fuels for thirty days. I want any of you who think you can do it tell me how. I know it cannot be done."

Classic reductio ad absurdum proffered by deniers everywhere. Using that 'logic', I demand that all supporters of emissions-heavy extraction of the oil sands (laughably called "the biggest oil spill by mother nature" by Alain. FYI Alain. Mother nature didn't spill a thing. That's not how oil, coal, and natural gas came into being. I suggest you register in a remedial course in geology at your nearest community college.) to refrain from breathing and drinking water for thirty days. If you're in favour of polluting our environment, then you must refrain from using clean air and fresh water.

bertie said...

Anonymous at 8.55 am,your so full of shit your eyes are brown.Who put the oil sands there,it was not the bad white man,it wasn,t an oil tanker,or rail car.It was there on top of the earth ASS hole and the oil companies are cleaning it up.You enviro bastards don,t like us to clean up the oil and sell it to make CANADA prosperous.You would sell your souls to the dirty oil producers in the middle east and that big ass billionaire in the USA who owns all the oil trains.GROW a brain for a change or just put your enviro head back up your ass where it belongs.But at least just quit the BS.