Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Megyn Kelly exposes more American head-in-the-sand cluelessness on free speech

Yesterday, Megyn Kelly attempted to school Bill O'Reilly on free speech saying that he was, siding with those who want to silence the critics of Islam - ie. siding with the jihadists.

On tonight's The Factor, O'Reilly doubled down on his cluelessness, saying that what Pamela Geller and her organization were doing and saying is "stupid".  Kelly's response:
"The relevant question is not: Did those under attack say something offensive? The relevant question is: What do we do about a group that wants to kill us for exercising our constitutional rights?"

O'Reilly and Fowler (and most of his lib/left ilk) are equally dense on the notion of free speech. All they want to debate are the wisdom, or otherwise, of what Geller is saying and how she says it.  That's fine, it's a debate they can have with Geller but it's entirely irrelevant to this incident.  What they don't want to talk about are: Geller's freedom to say what she said, and; how to deal with those who mark her for murder for saying it.  But what O'Reilly and Fowler say they want is for Geller stop saying what she said (or to say something else) to avoid upsetting her wannabe killers - which is exactly what the jihadists want. That other, non-violent Muslims may be upset by Geller's speech is also irrelevant.  They are free to criticize her and to try to convince her to take a different approach.

Update: More from Megyn Kelly this evening

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