Saturday, May 30, 2015

Useful idiots white-wash their favourite Islamo-terrorist

Al Qaeda's useful idiots:
"Canada's largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, teamed up with CBC, the state-run broadcaster,  put out a documentary about Khadr ... Except it's more like propaganda than a documentary.  And couldn't be more pro-Khadr if it had been produced by the Taliban."  


Anonymous said...

Leftists/progressives/Liberals or whatever those assholes are calling themselves these days love terrorists like Khadr because they share the same anti western bias's and both ideologies are based on similar hatreds. Islamofascists would like to impose their sharia ideology and leftist assholes are busy imposing their own forms of self loathing and intolerance. Both want an authoritarian top down Government imposing their religious beliefs on the whole population whether sharia or newer religions like globbull warming taxes and an end to free speech, both are incompatible with western freedoms. The left and islamofascists are kindered spirits working hand in hand to destroy western values. Leftists and Islamofascists are a suicide pact allied by profound and irrational hatreds of the west.

Alain said...

Anonymous gives a perfect and accurate description. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Harper is a moron for letting this guy back in the country.