Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Truth and Reconciliation"?

That would be nice, but call me cynical.  Thanks to the results of previous commissions, Idle-No-More, the media and other progressive poseurs, we should expect truth, half-truth and distortion along with a large order of white guilt, self-pity and blame.  And the "reconciliation" part will be a call for a massive government "fix" for everything ("admit your guilt, say you're sorry, send money and we'll let you know when we're satisfied").

Ezra's first take:


Dollops said...

In hindsight, all special provisions for Canada's indigenous people have been catastrophic for them and, increasingly now, for the nation.

JR said...

Exactly so, Dollops. If Canada's aboriginals declined all the special treatment they receive though the Indian Act, etc, they'd enjoy exactly the same privileges and rights as every other Canadian. Immigrants come to this country by the millions, most starting with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and within a couple of generations are established in regular middle-class lives.

It's that racist special treatment that is holding back aboriginals, but the only "solution" they seem to see (egged on by Chiefs and Councils, Indian industry lawyers, and leftist do-gooders) is ever more government "help". Two or three decades from now expect to see little to no improvement, likely the opposite.

Anonymous said...

The Indians are looking for a way to covert this report into cash and land.