Sunday, June 21, 2015

Papal climate folly, progressive hypocrisy

Secular progressives ordinarily have nothing but disdain, even hate, for Catholic (or any other Christian faith's) moral teachings. But when the Pope foolishly expounds on a controversial scientific matter in a way that appears to align with their own beliefs, these same progressives suddenly declare that he's the man we all must carefully heed.

Brian Lilley amplifies:

One has to wonder if the Pope realizes that his climate encyclical has put him in league with Catholicism's enemies.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article here (via a tweet to Kady O'Malley from Dan Gardner):

I find this sentence particularly interesting:
"... as expected, he [the Pope] puts the poor and developing world, who suffer the most due to environmental degradation, at the heart of his reflections, calling on the rich developed countries of the North to acknowledge their “ecological debt” to the poor global South, while rejecting the idea that population control is the best way to deal with ecological challenges in developing countries."

It's sad that the Pope has not yet learned that simply providing money to underdeveloped countries is far more wasteful than the West's "throw-away societies", since the rulers of those countries seem to ensure that money never reaches the general population. Instead of calling on the West to atone for its "sins" and to slow, if not curtail altogether, its techological progress, the West should use its expertise to bring those countries into the 20th century. Instead of sending money, send armies of expert workers to build modern infrastructure. That might help them to eventually catch up to the 21st century West. It might even prevent or stop the "environmental degradation" of those countries.
-- Gabby in QC

JR said...

Thanks for the link, Gabby. And I couldn't agree with you more.

Sadly, the Pope's heavy negative bias towards the West is damaging his credibility. In today's Post there's an article about his recent speech in Italy where condemned the "great powers" for having failed to stop the Holocaust. I think he's speaking from ignorance as he did on his "climate" pronouncements. Not good.