Saturday, June 6, 2015

One "2015 Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada" throws another under the bus

This week Tim Hortons, pressured by foreign-funded climate activists, tore up an advertising contract with energy company Enbridge.  Both companies occupy a spot near the top of the list of "2015 Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada".  That apparently doesn't cut any ice with Tim's.

This is where climate sanctimony and related idiocies like sustainability and corporate social responsibility lead.

See also, Ezra Levant to sign the petition and chip in for ads.

Rex Murphy: I’m off to Second Cup. Timmys, we hardly knew ye


Anonymous said...

I emailed Timmys to let them know I'll no longer spend money in their stores until they clean up their act, and make this right. And when I say no longer, that means never, ever again.

Fed up with people and corporations buckling under to this eco-freaks.

Al in Cranbrook

Anonymous said...

Last election Harper borrowed the Timmies brand and blasted Liberals for drinking Starbucks. Now, you fickle losers damage the Timmies brand again with your childish boycott. Stop damaging the goodwill of Timmies with your crybaby politics,

JR said...

Al in Cranbrook, right on!

Anon (@10:42 AM),
The ones playing politics with this are the eco-freak bullies attacking both Tim's and Enbridge. And Tim's needs some spine stiffening as well as learn to respect its true customer base.

Go back to swilling your Starbucks latte, you leftist dimwit (please excuse the redundancy).

Anonymous said...

Wow, Harper has thrown the whole oil & gas industry under the bus. It will be marginalized by 2050 and then will cease to exist by the end of the century. So much for being an energy powerhouse. Is this a proud day in Torydom? Probably. You guys were against the Canadian Flag, abortion and gay marriage. Now you are for those things. We are used to be Harper flip flops. Will their be a boycott over the death of this industry? I guess we'll see if you are a partisan hack or if you will toss Harper out.

JR said...

Anon (June 8 @ 10:22 AM)
There's not a grain of truth in anything you say, except where you boldly suggest that I might be a partisan (Ha! Ya think!?).

You have absolutely no clue whatsoever, do you?

Anonymous said...

Everything I said is true. Are you telling me that Harper was in favour of gay marriage all along? Also, I did not call you a partisan. I called you a partisan hack.

Now that Harper has agreed to kill the oil& gas industry by the end of this century, in order to combat global warming, I suppose you will say that was his plan all along.

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper has agreed to a G7 commitment to deep cuts in carbon emissions by 2050 — with an eventual stop in the use of fossil fuels by the end of the century."

Anonymous said...

See it for yourself here:

Anonymous said...

Its always amusing when leftist nit wits get up on their hind legs and start regurgitating leftist talking points that somebody else made up, it makes them feel like they know something. "Look at me I'm repeating things I heard someone else say, aren't I smart". Great example of leftist group hate. What the heck does the State changing the definition of marriage to include queers have to do with the pretense of ending fossil fuel consumption in a hundred years from now? You shouldn't vote for PM Harper because he didn't go along with the leftist group think and the big gay hate machine agenda? Or, you shouldn't vote for PM Harper because of some vague "promise" of ending fossil fuel usage a hundred years from now? The bizarre self righteousness and unhinged hatred of progs is as disturbing as it is mystifying, although quite amusing too. I guess being exposed to too much CBC rots the brain. If you don't love the Liberal party Maple Leaf flag, killing babies and changing the definition of marriage then you're, not tolerant, or something... who knows... mental illness seems to pass as a political ideology these days. Oh well, its good for a laugh.

JR said...

Anon (Jun 9, 2:32 AM), "Bizarre" is an apt description for most leftist thought processes. There's no way of knowing what they're talking about, mainly because they don't either. And yes it is sad, but amusing, to behold.

Anonymous said...

Harper agreed to the death of the oil and gas industry by the end of the century. You either cannot read or you don't believe Harper. Either way that soulless political marketing machine must be defeated.