Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pssst! Want to buy a Confederate flag?

You won't be able to get one from Amazon or eBay.  They're banning its sale on their websites as a show of their righteousness.  Though they seem to have no problem flogging Islamic and Nazi flags and other paraphernalia.

So, the some 70 million Americans who still admire the Confederate flag as an honorable symbol of Southern heritage worth preserving will have to go elsewhere. Luboš Motl of The Reference Frame suggests this site in the Czech Republic, for one.


Anonymous said...

Nothing can better achieve the estrangement of its populace and cast a nations identity adrift more than the obliteration of national and historic symbols, something progressives (Marxists) know all too well. Canadians know what its like to have a national symbol marginalized (Red Ensign)and then sacrificed without consent on the alter of cultural marxism. The obliteration of the Battle flag of Northern Virginia goes along way in the re-writing of American history and would make ISIS proud. Its tragic to see a once great nation like the USA succumbing to the progressive (Marxist) suffocation of self loathing and historical ignorance, a real shame that the Republic is all but lost, and to the most unworthy of ideologies. The freedom lovers of this world have lost a great ally of freedom with the slow execution of the America dream and the world will be much worse for it. Too bad. Mature, stable, secure nations do not succumb to such self denial and imposed insecurity. America is being destroyed from within by Americans, a slow suicide that is tragic to watch.

Anonymous said...

Its appropriate that one can still purchase a Nazi flag or an ISIS flag as to the winners go the spoils, and the national socialists and the neo marxists and the terrorist savages are definitely winning, through the back door. Goebbels was right with regards to controlling the message, the marxist control of the media sure can reek havoc on a nations identity and theres no better example than Canada and the USA where the media are utter cesspools of corruption full of warped ideological messengers.

Martin said...

Southern casualties in the civil war exceeded 350,000, not including civilian deaths. The CSA remain the only region of the US to experience an invading army and occupying hostile force.
State political leaders may have focused on slavery as an issue to secede and bring about the conflict, but the majority of those casualties would have had no connection whatever with slaves. Once the fighting began defense of home and family became reason enough to resist the invasion.
The battle flag as a symbol of this sacrifice seems a reasonable icon of remembrance, which is why it is featured in state flags and banners. To see it is a symbol of slavery and racism is a distorted and misguided view. What of the hundreds of statues on Southern courthouse lawns honouring generals and ordinary soldiers, are they all to be removed now? Or what about monuments to Jefferson and Washington, slave holders both, are they to be torn down?
No doubt we will hear pleas to do exactly that, but they should be ignored, it is impossible to project todays values 150 or 200 years

JR said...

Martin: is impossible to project todays values 150 or 200 years backwards.

I agree. Yet it's attempted over and over, as in the condemnation of and apologies for our ancestors for their treatment of aboriginals.

Anonymous said...

They still sell Che T-shirts.

Anonymous said...

Damn right I want a Confederate Flag! First Amendment! I also want a Nazi flag, why the hell can't I fly one of those?!?