Friday, June 19, 2015

Religion and climate change

Peter Foster: "The Pope’s eco-mmunist manifesto"
...Pope Francis’ climate Encyclical, Laudato Si’ (Praise Be), could have come from any branch of the UN, any environmental NGO, or the World Economic Forum. This is hardly surprising since they all promote Global Salvationism, which is based on projections of doom to be countered by morally-charged, UN-centric, globally-governed sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

... The Pope appears to be blinded by a moral vision that he shares not just with Strong and Gorbachev but with Naomi Klein, Al Gore and David Suzuki: capitalism is evil, is destroying the earth, and involves oppression of the poor and a zero-sum struggle for resources that promotes war.

... The Encyclical demonizes wicked, heartless and short-sighted straw men. This unnamed “they” are proponents of “throwaway culture” and “compulsive consumerism,” of “rampant individualism” and the “self-centred culture of instant gratification.” They claim “an unlimited right to trample his creation underfoot.”  ...

George Will (video): "Pope Francis comes from a Latin American, anti-capitalist strand of Catholicism"

Nigel Lawson: "The church of climatism"
... It is a cruel irony that, while it was science which, more than anything else, was able by its great achievements to establish the age of reason, it is all too many climate scientists and their hangers-on who have become the high priests of a new age of unreason.

... But what moves me most is that the policies invoked in its name are grossly immoral.
Global warming orthodoxy is not merely irrational. It is wicked.

Tim Ball: "Is The Catholic Church Burned By The Sun Again?"

Brian Lilley (video): "Progressives find religion in Papal climate change statement"


Anonymous said...

Conservatives have the world all figured out and hate to be told they don't.

Conservatives respect nature like rapists respect women.

It's not conservative to not conserve.

Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says...........conservatives tend to think, whereas our counter parts just drool and throw feces.

Anonymous said...

Question for oldwhiteguy. What parts do you leave on the counter and why do they drool and throw faeces? (Please note the proper Canadian spelling.)

JR said...

oldwhiteguy is correct. Not one word of what the others wrote here is true (in fact, most of it is downright moronic).