Saturday, May 30, 2015

Global non-warming

When will climate scientists say they were wrong?

Not even when Hell freezes over!


johndoe124 said...

I thought the red line represented the increase in propaganda and absurd rhetoric from climate fundamentalists and government since the increase seems to be directly proportional to the length of the pause.

JR said...

Excellent point. I think it does. Those IPCC climate models were no doubt programmed to pump out results for use in warmist propaganda campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, they'd have to admit they're pretty much liars.

Don't think for a moment every single one of them is not entirely aware of this fact.

Al in Cranbrook

Anonymous said...

Um... your own data set shows that they are correct: the actual temperature lines are going up... meaning increased in... global warming.

Your graph does also show that computer modeling has a lot still to get right, but the historical data is pretty clear: climate scientists are correct, the planet continues to get warmer, and right wing political ideologists commenting on science are wrong.

But good job to you to go searching for something that "they" got wrong and finding something!

(Except of course, we're not told anything about what or whose data models got dumped into the chart. There are clearly some idiots out there, no question. Prince Charles predicting apocalypse in 5 years 10 years ago, Al Gore doing likewise. Those are outliers even for climate scientists... who all still correctly note that the world is warming up, despite all the heads in the sand. Ah, science and reality: it has such a left wing bias.)

JR said...

Anonymous (June 2 at 6:11 AM)

1. Um... it's not my "own data set" but climate scientist John Christy's (of UAH), from models used by the IPCC to produce its alarming 'projections'. (Read the linked article.)

2. Nobody, NOBODY, claims that there's been no global warming. It's only know-nothing leftist ideologues who falsely accuse others of making such claims in their dishonest effort to propagandize other know-nothings. In fact, 100% of climate scientists (and nearly 100% of AGW skeptics) agree that there's been global warming over the past century. But what there is much less agreement on is how much of that warming is natural and how much due to human activity. According to the available real world data (Christy's graph), climate is not nearly as sensitive to GHGs as the IPCC has been claiming for decades.

Anonymous said...

Riiight. "Nobody" claims there's been no global warming.

Nope. No one denies it, No one at all. Anywhere.

Funny thing is: those are just from today.