Wednesday, October 19, 2016

CBC Watch

Graeme Gordon at "Raving Canuck" has been doing a great job keeping a close eye (and ear) on that bloated, massively government funded, Liberal-(and farther left)-cheer-leading, propaganda outlet known as the CBC.  Teasers from Graeme's two most recent posts:
CBC Bungles Upcoming Rollout of Opinion Section By Publishing Liberal MP’s Staffer’s Spin Piece
If anyone still thought CBC’s decision to launch an “Opinion site” next month was a good idea, an op-ed published by the CBC today should set her/him sober.The hit piece—and yes, I’m aware this response is a hit piece as well, but at least it is published on my own independent blog, not paid for by taxpayers—entitled “Canadian Taxpayers Federation has 5 members—why should we care what they think?” was written by Dougald Lamont, a senior policy advisor for Liberal MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette. ...
Dear CBC: Colin Kaepernick’s Socks Rock The Socks Off Justin Trudeau’s Socks
Dear CBC Execs,Let me start off by saying you are doing an exceptional job on covering the heroic saga of Colin Kaepernick’s Rosa Parks moments of bravery. But driving home today, while faithfully tuning in to CBC Radio One, I found it tremendously problematic that your news updates about Kaepernick didn’t mention his most recent act of daring valour: his wearing of socks covered in white pig cops.  ... 


Martin said...

So Mr. Lamont, (who I knew was a long time Liberal supporter but not a current staffer for an MP) criticizes a citizens group which analyzes and critiques government spending and taxation, all on its own dime.
Meanwhile the CBC with $1.2B funding and dozens of "investigative journalists" can't quite find the time to do the same thing. Given their boast of keeping government honest, wouldn't that fall under CBC's mandate. Not when the current government happens to be Liberal.
As for neglecting the bit about Lamont being on the payroll of the same party,is it any wonder respect for journalists is at its lowest point ever.

JR said...

Just so, Martin. And to add to the evidence of blatant collusion, the Liberals shamelessly offered, and the CBC accepted, an election bribe of a $150 million increase in annual subsidy.

This all leaves a very bad odour. Something like the stink coming from the Putin relationship with Russia Today.