Saturday, October 29, 2016

UN censor, Nick Nuttall's role in payoff to Kofi Anan

Nick Nuttall is the wackadoodle U.N. censor who denied media accreditation to The Rebel's reporters attending the Marrakesh climate conference next month.  Claudia Rosett describes a conflict of interest scandal involving Kofi Anan and Nick Nuttall's role in it:


Martin said...

While the climate-change zealots all maintain a disdain, even hatred for private auto ownership and use, the same is not true for air travel. Authoritarian socialists of all stripes, from Stalin to Naomi Klein and Commissar Wynne have sought to curtail or ban automobile use and the freedom it represents. Klein's Great Leap devotes no space whatever to carbon fuel reduction on airplanes; no electric models like she envisions for trains farm tractors, and delivery vehicles. Airplanes are exempt and this can only be due to the privilege class need for personal trips and official travel to world conferences. In the 21th century the need for personal attendance at UN conferences is redundant; all could easily be accomplished by electronic meeting hookups; this information transfer will be greatly improved very soon. If any of these attendees were remotely concerned with carbon footprint, the first goal would be to end global blab-fests on climate change.

JR said...

Yup, totalitarians have always put themselves above their own rules for everyone else. If the current eco-totalitarians get their way, they'll be the last ones to stop using fossil fuels, if they ever do.