Sunday, October 23, 2016

Climate change myths

... Myth #12: Are people the most important factor determining the Earth’s climate? Dr. Botkin says no. The processes affecting the Earth’s climate are complex and man is only a midget among giants. His discussion of this topic is quite good and familiar to this audience. I direct the curious to the book, he covers the key points well. 
Myth #13 is that climate change will lead to a huge number of extinctions. The truth is that even though we are in the Quaternary ice age and have been for the past 2.6 million years, there have been very few extinctions. The climate changes, both warming and cooling, observed in the Quaternary far exceed anything predicted by the climate alarmists for the future, yet only one tree went extinct in North America in that period. 
Myth #14 is that recent weather is proof of climate change. How this myth persists in mainstream news organizations, like the Economist, when every qualified scientist (alarmists and skeptics) says no weather event can be attributed to climate change is beyond understanding. 
Myth #15, consensus is science. Dr. Botkin notes that science is a process of questioning ideas. Scientific statements can be tested and proven wrong, otherwise the statement is not scientific. If the statement survives the tests; it is acceptable and potentially valid. Consensus has nothing to do with scientific validity. One of the problems with the “consensus statement” that man is causing dangerous climate change is it cannot be tested. Thus, the statement is not scientific. 
Myth #16 is that climate models are accurate. It is bizarre that unvalidated computer climate model predictions are considered “true” by many climate alarmists, politicians and news organizations. They haven’t successfully predicted anything to date.
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Alain said...

Facts have been, and will be, ignored or denied by those pushing the march towards globalism. Globalism not only results in a world government, but results in the destruction of industrialised countries (mainly the West) bringing them down to the level of underdeveloped countries but also complete tyranny. Of course in the short term it lines the pockets of so many pushing and imposing the global scam on us. The types pushing the scam have tried the same thing over the years (coming ice age, population bomb, etc.) without success until now.

It is still good to see these myths (lies) debunked over and over. People need to wake up.

JR said...

Dr. Botkin certainly has a refreshing take on environmentalism. But with all the Orwellian group-think on "climate change" and anti-fossil-fuels anarchy it's hard to shake the feeling that we're headed for some very dark times.