Sunday, January 29, 2017

Media hype about "fake news" is fake news being used to promote government subsidies for corporate media

Graeme Gordon recently penned two very compelling articles that shed light on "fake news" and how it's being misrepresented and incestuously abused by the Liberals and the MSM:

1) Hype over rise in fake news is fake news [behind Loonie Politics paywall], and

2)  "‘Shattered Mirror’ report’s suggestions to fix Canadian media ..."
On Thursday the Public Policy Forum (PPF) released its government-commissioned report, “The Shattered Mirror”,  which depicted today’s world as a “post-truth” dystopian nightmare.
... the report–GASP!–asks the reader to “imagine a world without news: how atomized and dysfunctional it would be.”  Of course the premise is absurd in the information age, where information is more accessible than ever before ...
... The report uses this fake premise of fake news influencing large majorities of the populace as a major reason why the government should step in to fund the legacy media

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