Tuesday, January 31, 2017

BC trade school reverses bigoted anti-Israeli policy

The Island School of Building Arts (ISBA) is a trade school established on Gabriola Island, BC as a "Training Provider for the Log and Timber Frame Construction Industry".

Who knew that BDS bigotry would have, like termites, infested a woodworking trade school in the backwoods of BC?  I certainly wouldn't have but for the Jerusalem Post and the Canadian Centre for Israeli and Jewish Affairs (CIJA).

From this morning's JPost:
A Canadian trade school reportedly turned down an Israeli student applicant simply for being Israeli.
[The school, foolishly assuming the moral high ground,] wrote ... that "It is sad that decisions being made halfway around the world impact us here as we have had a number of students from Israel attend the school in the past." The email continued: "This is a question of staying in line with our moral compass, which will always be important to us. We are still inclusive and cannot support that which is not inclusive. 
Following the CIJA's intervention later today they were able to report :
"We are pleased to announce that the ISBA has reversed its decision."
That was fast work! Good show, CIJA.

FWIW, the incident garnered a fair bit of attention on Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

old white guy says............it would appear that unless someone kicks them in the ass they lack a moral compass.