Wednesday, February 15, 2017

President Ivanka Trump

Today's National Post, in it's ongoing Trump slurring mode, featured a front page column taking Ivanka Trump to task.  The piece read like a snotty tabloid gossip column.  It's heading and sub-heading read:

Ivanka Trump doesn't know her place    

Hint: It's not in the president's chair

Many readers of the Post online publication, unlike the column's author, picked up on the most obvious symbolism behind that photo:

A future President Ivanka Trump (circa 2025, say)


Miles Lunn said...

I doubt she will become president, but we shall see. I think there is a bit of fatigue with family dynasties, nonetheless it does seem Ivanka Trump rather than Melania Trump is the first lady.

JR said...

You may be right, Miles but Ivanka is a sharp cookie and apparently very interested in politics, so we'll see 8 or 12 years down the road.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........much ado about nothing from the MSM.

Anonymous said...

The caption accompanying the picture reads: "A great discussion with two world leaders about the importance of women having a seat at the table" referring to the roundtable on women in the workforce. THAT is why Ivanka is seated at the "table". The NP op-ed implies Ivanka is usurping Melania's role and/or the latter is shirking hers. Not so.

The actual intent?
«"We need policies that help keep women in the workforce and to address the unique barriers faced by female entrepreneurs -- and they are unique," said Trump, who opened the meeting by noting that he had employed several "tremendous" women as executives in his companies prior to becoming president.»
«Monday's meeting is expected to touch on maternity leave as well as childcare, the recruitment and retention of women, and how to better aid female entrepreneurs." -- policies that Ivanka apparently urged presidential candidate Trump to include in his platform.

Both men got political capital out of that roundtable. Trudeau by reinforcing his self-designed championing of female advancement and Trump by softening his supposed anti-women image.

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." -- Sigmund Freud

-- Gabby

Anonymous said...

She can't be too sharp if she thinks Trudeau is cute and worthy of admiration.