Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Goodbye Sweden, Hello Swedistan" - Sweden's cultural suicide

The Liberal "Islamophobia" motion M103 controversy brought to mind Pat Condell's video of a few years ago on "the cultural suicide of Sweden".  Comparatively speaking we're no where near Swedish levels of progressive insanity, yet, but this seems to be the direction the Trudeau Liberals are pointing the country:


Anonymous said...

Canada is finished.

dmorris said...

Just two days ago Trump was excoriated by the media world wide for suggesting Sweden has a problem with violent immigrants,and the Swedish Press has been over the top in their condemnation of his remarks.

But many msm outlets like the Daily Express in Britain and Afton Dagbladet in Sweden often features articles on how lawless certain areas of major cities such as Malmo are practically no-go zones for the cops or anyone else who isn't Muslim.

So, who's telling the truth? Is there a serious problem with lawlessness by Muslim refugees,or is the situation being exaggerated by some of the media?

There is so much fake news around now it's almost impossible to find out the truth, and I can't afford a trip to Sweden,one of the last Countries on this planet I'd plan to visit.