Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Andrew Weaver - 'political' scientist

Andrew Weaver is a UVic climatologist (climate modeler) and global warming hysteric. He’s one of those 1/2500 Nobel laureates who shared the 2007 Peace Prize with Al Gore. This has made him the go-to guy for the local media whenever there’s some minor weather-related story that needs an authoritative voice to back up claims that it’s evidence of the impending doom. He’s their chief political scientist with emphasis on "political" since it pretty much dominates his "science".

The latest news is that Weaver has written a new book entitled "Keeping Our Cool". So naturally Weaver gets an interview and book review. Some interesting excerpts:

Keeping Our Cool, written during a sabbatical last winter... [Ie. on the taxpayers’ dime]

... so "incensed" is he by what he calls Prime Minister Stephen Harper's war on science and scientists, by the government's questioning of climate change ...he felt he had no choice.

... he said. "But I recognize that [climate change] is the defining problem for humanity, and I recognize there's only one leader in Canada who's actually dealing with it."

"Vote for [Liberal Party Leader] Stéphane Dion. Don't vote for the Green Party,"

He has no patience with people who persist in believing there is still scientific debate on climate change. [And Weaver insists on calling himself a 'scientist'. He should read Lawrence Solomon’s book "The Deniers"]

He writes ... "Not a single study disagreed with the consensus view concerning the role of greenhouse gases in causing global warming." [True, but that’s not what the "debate" is about, is it, Andrew?]

... he added, if scientists were to criticize the government publicly, they could lose the funding they need to do their research. [There’s a whopper! There’s hardly a government anywhere, including Canada, that hasn’t bought into global warming alarmism. Weaver has never shied away from criticizing anyone he deems insufficiently enthusiastic about his alarmist viewpoint. And I doubt that he’s ever been short of government funds to pursue his "science". In fact, the scientists who find their funding and reputations in jeopardy are those whose research might cast the slightest doubt on AGW orthodoxy.]

Weaver decided to be a whistle-blower by writing Keeping Our Cool ... so incensed by what has happened in Ottawa, by the war on science in Ottawa... 'Enough is enough.' [Oh come on, Andrew! You've been blowing that whistle so long you've worn it out!]

And the ‘piece de resistance’:

Reading in a newspaper story that environmentalist David Suzuki and his wife sometimes retire to their bedroom to cry, Weaver said he can understand why. [Ha ha haa hahaaa! More likely they’re laughing all the way to the bank.]

These aren’t the views of a scientist. They’re the views of a proselytizing political activist . His government funding should be cut.


Anonymous said...

No doubt Suzuki and wife retire to bedrooms to cry, they just caught sight of each other. Another lie Suzuki is a fruit fly guy not an environmentalist, mental maybe.
As for the the global warming scam all I can say is "carbon credits\carbon trading" along with millions of $s Gore and Suzuki and others are making from taxpayers with this scam.

Stick to your politics sunshine but not on my money.

JR said...

Ha! Good one, P'dO! I sometimes wonder whether these characters actually believe their own doomsaying and have scared the crap out of themselves or just scamming us for a living. Or both.

Lucastro said...

Your quotes are very selective. I hope you read Weaver's book ang gave it a fare eading. I have read it with great interest. I have bought the Denier as well. To understand Solomon's game, may wish to read the following blog

Anonymous said...

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