Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another “human rights” absurdity

This is nuts. Blazing Cat Fur reports another story involving the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission. Here’s a cast of characters and a rough chronology of events:


Andre Lachance, a newly appointed ‘sensitive’ senior manager at Health Canada anxious to show that he's a fair minded, nice fellow, tries to suck up to people of colour on his staff by saying he "likes visible minorities".

Shiv Chopra, a visible minority and hypersensitive complainer who sees racism everywhere, is offended and complains to the CHRC.

The CHRC launches an investigation.

2004 - The complaint is referred to the CHR Tribunal.

2008 - CHRT orders Health Canada to pay Chopra $4000 for his "hurt feelings".

That’s ten (TEN) years from utterly ridiculous complaint to utterly stupid ruling. This is a combination of Pythonesque absurdity and Kafkesque nightmare. It’s absolute proof that the HRCs have to go.

Stop the HRC


Anonymous said...

Shiv Chopra is well known in Ottawa as a chronic complainer who has successfully managed to translate his incompetence into a racism case. Call him the poster boy of HRC abuse. He didn't have the horses to get promoted and therefore claimed that he was a most superior person unfairly held back by dastardly white, anglo-saxons.

Raphael Alexander said...

Praise an immigrant, get called a racist.