Sunday, September 7, 2008

The race is on! Yaawwnnn...

As expected Stephen Harper has called an election for October 14th.

The issues. Leadership and the economy (and for the MSM - hidden agenda!!)

The economy (taxes) includes the environment (a.k.a. global warming), a non-problem with huge potential for massive damage to the economy.

The choices:

It's no wonder I envy American politics.


hunter said...

Funny, I was trying to drum up some enthusiasm for this election, but can't right now. Maybe something will happen to get me going, right now, I'm more interested in making pickles.

This could be bad if Conservatives start to think it's a done deal.

djxtreme said...

Just don't try eating hot dogs with cutlery and blaming the lack of sunspots on global warming. lol. And we'll be fine

JR said...

Making pickles sounds much more interesting than watching Canadian politics right now.